AT&T Prepaid 25c/Minute Plan

Basic/Quick messaging phones only

Bring Your Own Phone
Bring Your Own Phone
Total Price
$0.25 per day
None included
Pay per use 1¢/5KB
Calls & Texts
Cost of a 2 minute standard national mobile call (incl. flagfall): $1.25
Cost of a standard national SMS: $0.20
1 Day
Current Deal
Online deal: Get a Free SIM Card when you purchase a AT&T prepaid plan and Bring Your Own Phone.
Offer Ends: 23 October 2017
Per 1 Day Recharge

Plan Details

Plan Details

Minutes: $0.25/minute

Long Distance: No roaming or long distance charges across Pay As You Go nationwide coverage.

Roaming charges: No roaming or long distance charges across Pay As You Go nationwide coverage. Visit for roaming in Mexico or Canada.

Daily Access Fee: N/A

Primary line one-time activation fee: N/A

Services Included with the Plan:

  • Basic Voicemail*
  • Call Forwarding*
  • Call Waiting*
  • Caller ID
  • International Calling**
  • Nationwide Long Distance
  • Three-Way Calling*

*Airtime charges apply for features usage.

**Airtime and international long distance rates apply. For more about international calling, see International Calling & Roaming.

Most AT&T Prepaid plans include text messaging and many of the other Pay-Per-Use services. Please review rate plans listed above for additional details.

This plan only allows per-per-use data services for non-smartphone users. Data packages may not be added to this plan.

Pay Per Use (PPU) Features***

Nationwide Text: $0.20 per message sent/received

Nationwide Picture and Video Messaging: $0.25 per message sent/received

International Text: $0.25 per message sent, $0.20 per message received

International Picture & Video Messaging: $0.50 per message sent, $0.25 per message received

Data: $0.01 per 5 KB, not available for smartphones

***Compatible phone required

Free Standard Shipping

AT&T Prepaid phones usually ship in 3-5 business days for free.

Key Points


  • Bring Your Own Phone
  • Free voicemail (or included in monthly minutes)
  • No Roaming Charges in USA


  • Bring Your Own Phone (GSM Network)

Full Cost Breakdown

Description Upfront
Plan AT&T AT&T Prepaid 25c/Minute Plan $0.25
Calls & Texts PAYG ($0.25/min) -
Fees SIM Card $0.99
Deal Online deal: Get a Free SIM Card when you purchase a AT&T prepaid plan and Bring Your Own Phone. ($0.99)
Total $0.25


Rates Cost
Additional minutes $0.25 per minute
Text messages $0.20 each
Picture messages $0.25 each
Excess data Pay per use 1¢/5KB

More about AT&T

AT&T in one of the big four cell phone carriers in the United States with a massive customer base and huge network footprint across the United States.

AT&T can trace its history to the Bell Telephone Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell! Although the roots are deep, the AT&T we all know today was founded in 1983. AT&T's network of subsidiaries monopolized the US telecommunications industry for most of the 20th century (known as the Bell system). The AT&T of today is a publicly traded company providing landline, long-distance, mobile phone, cable television and broadband services. 

AT&T's wireless network is one of the best in the US with wide reaching coverage, second only to Verizon. AT&T’s network isn’t technically all ‘4G’ – it’s actually a dual layer of LTE and HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul. Many smaller cities will be covered by a blend of 4G and 3G. 

With over 147 million customers in the US and Mexico, AT&T is one of the largest wireless providers in the world and also owns the popular MVNO named Cricket Wireless. Take a look at AT&T's current wireless dealsAT&Ts phone line-up, or our review of AT&T

AT&T's ultra-fast internet boasts 99% reliability, keeping you connected to the entertainment you love. Fiber connections are now available from AT&T in select locations, bringing customer up to 1000Mbps download speeds.

Get the ultimate entertainment experience with more than 230 channels, Total Home DVR®, and the ability to record up to 4 shows at once—all over an advanced fiber-optic network.

With AT&T home phone, you can make the calls you need, when you need to make them. By bundling a home phone package with AT&T Internet, you'll automatically get unlimited nationwide calling along with 25 convenient features.

Or, bundle your internet with DIRECTV and get the #1 rated customer satisfaction over cable. With DIRECTV customers will get theater-quality 4K Ultra HD resolution, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and many more features.

Combine the perfect bundle of AT&T services, including U-verse TV, Internet, and home phone on one simple bill.

AT&T's network also powers many other smaller carriers (called MVNOs) which run on AT&T's network and typically provide cheaper prices than AT&T itself. 

AT&T's Cellular Network

The AT&T network is a GSM network with HSPA and LTE (along with T-Mobile). 

Getting Started: AT&T Cell Phone Plans

Fast Facts: AT&T

If for some strange reason, you've not already heard about AT&T (they are one of the biggest advertisers in the US with over $1.8 Billion in paid media in 2016), here's the fast facts to get yourself acquainted:

  • Where to Buy: Online, in-store, over the phone. 
  • Bring Your Own Phone: If you have an unlocked GSM phone and your phone supports AT&T's LTE bands, you can bring your own phone to AT&T
  • Locations: AT&T's network and services are available nationally. AT&T's headquarters are in Dallas, Texas
  • Tethering: Customers can use their AT&T plan as a mobile hotspot, though usage is specific to each plan. Unlimited plans on AT&T have a hotspot cap of 10GB per month. 
  • Network: 4G LTE network using band 17 and band 5 (700Mhz, 850Mhz), band 2 and 4 (1900Mhz, 1700/2100Mhz). Many MVNOs (smaller carriers) also use the AT&T network. AT&T also supports HSPA (3G) & (3.5G) HSPA+.
  • Coverage: AT&T consistently ranks #2 in network coverage tests.
  • Prepaid: AT&T's pre-paid brand is call GoPhone -- AT&T also owns Cricket Wireless.
  • Taxes & Fees: AT&T will charge state taxes and fees on top of your monthly cell phone plan cost.

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AT&T AT&T Prepaid 25c/Minute Plan